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All rules/ban-unknown-rule-code

Warns the usage of unknown rule codes in ignore directives

We sometimes have to suppress and ignore lint errors for some reasons. We can do so using ignore directives with rule names that should be ignored like so:

// deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-any no-unused-vars
const foo: any = 42;

This rule checks for the validity of the specified rule names (i.e. whether deno_lint provides the rule or not).


// typo
// deno-lint-ignore eq-eq-e
console.assert(x == 42);

// unknown rule name
// deno-lint-ignore UNKNOWN_RULE_NAME
const b = "b";


// deno-lint-ignore eq-eq-eq
console.assert(x == 42);

// deno-lint-ignore no-unused-vars
const b = "b";